Jane Whitlock

Scalp Micropigmentation Specialist

    Scalp Micropigmentation for Hair Loss in Men and Women


    Hair loss can be very upsetting, and it can have a crippling effect on confidence and self-esteem. The loss of hair associated with medical conditions or treatment makes a difficult time seem even worse. With scalp micropigmentation I am able to help my clients rebuild their confidence and it can really change lives.

    Many of my clients find it hard to admit how much hair loss is affecting them and often I am the first person they have really spoken to about it. If you are upset by your hair loss, you’ll understand what it’s like to avoid swimming, rain, wind, standing under bright lights, bending down and avoiding being in photos.

    How does it work?

    Scalp micropigmentation involves placing lots and lots of small dots of pigment on the scalp in such a way that they look like normal hair follicles. This makes the hair on the head look thicker, as the paler skin between the hairs is covered. Think about it as camouflaging hair loss. It is amazing how these tiny dots, tattooed on to the scalp, give a very realistic illusion of thicker hair.

    Existing hair follicles are not damaged, and the procedure does not stop any new hairs from growing. The dots won’t wash off and last up to 5 years. The treatment can be used for baldness and alopecia in both women and men and to cover scars (for example burns and scars from hair grafts).

    The procedure is safe, virtually painless and the results are achieved normally between 3 – 4 session of about 3 hours long. At your initial Consultation we will discuss this and the likely results you can expect.

    These client testimonials give a flavour of just how much difference scalp micropigmentation can make:

    “I was referred to Jane and was made to feel so relaxed and at ease about the issue of my hair loss. I have struggled with how I felt about my hair for a long time but Jane was so kind and calm it really helped me have faith in this process.  The results are amazing and I can finally feel more confident and not have to worry about the huge ritual of hiding my hair loss.”

    “Hair loss took over all aspects of my life. Avoiding mirrors, girls’ get togethers, being in family photos and dates with my husband. Jane was confident scalp micropigmentation could make a difference. I felt a huge sense of relief admitting my feelings and was excited to start treatment! After my 3 sessions I’ve fallen in love with my hair again, even liking looking at myself in the mirror!”

    The Consultation

    This is your opportunity to have your questions answered, learn all about what it involves and for me to assess your suitability for the treatment. There are some medical exclusions and it does not work if you have very blonde or white hair. However for many people it is extremely effective and a great confidence booster.

    Emergency Call

    In case of urgent, feel free to ask questions.