Our Patient Journey Cancellation Policy

At Shakespeare Clinic, we place the highest priority on ensuring our patients well-being and happiness is of paramount importance to the specialists, nurses, receptionists and other professionals at all times. We are dedicated and committed to offering the best possible results for all of our patients. Not only is your treatment of importance but so is your treatment journey.

We strive to deliver the very best possible results to our patients but also to make sure that the whole patient journey from the initial point of contact, through treatment to the after care, to be at the highest level of customer care and service, enjoyable, relaxing, stress free and with the end result being totally worthwhile and rewarding.

What would you experience in your patient journey?
From when you first contact the clinic, either by calling us, registering on line, or referred by your Dentist or GP, you will be welcomed by a professional, friendly and caring member of the team who will provide you with any information you may require. We will cater for your specific needs and requirements and will happily work around your lifestyle to accommodate any call-backs or appointments. Should you require a chaperone please do not hesitate to ask.

You will be provided with the information regarding the treatment you are referred for and give you a clear treatment plan including prices before you take up treatment. We will ensure we clearly explain each step of the treatment plan and will make sure that you are very satisfied with every step before we progress.

The Patient Journey Steps

Initial contact/enquiry
We will respond to each and every form of communication with patients and new patients in a professional, friendly, helpful and courteous manner.
Normally with new referrals, patients will be contacted with 24 hours.

Appointment booked
After your appointment has been booked, we will send over a welcome brochure, letter confirming the appointment and giving initial consultation fees if applicable. If there are any additional questions we are always happy to answer them either by contacting us via phone on 01234 341753 or by email. We also offer appointment reminders by text message.

First appointment
From when you first enter our clinic to when you leave you will be welcomed by a professional, friendly and caring member of the team who will provide you with any information you may require. You will be required to fill out a registration form. Details of our privacy notice can always be requested.

Treatment plan
After your appointment with the doctor or dental specialist, a clear treatment plan including pricing and consent form will be written and sent over to you. The treatment plan will detail all the treatment options that were discussed at the time of the consultation.

If you are unsure about anything in the plan, we urge you to contact us and we will be happily to explain anything and answer any of your questions.

Accepting the treatment
After receiving the treatment plan and you have given each option proper consideration and have come to the conclusion you would like to proceed with the treatment. We would ask you please sign one of the enclosed consent forms attached to the treatment plan letter and send it over to us or bring with you on the day of the surgery.

The treatment will then commence as per the plan that was set out and your specialist will keep you informed of the progress of the treatment and will make sure you are very satisfied with the way the treatment is progressing.
Our Specialists are happy to explain any part of the treatment at any stage and urge you to ask any questions you may have – Our goal is to ensure you leave with the results you want and for you to be happy with the whole experience!

After you have finished your planned surgery, you will be provided with a specific aftercare bag.
You will be provided with direct emergency contact number for the on-call specialist or Dentist.
We will contact you 24 hours later to make sure you are alright and if you have any post-surgery concerns.
A follow up appointment will be organised with your Doctor accordingly.

Emergency Call

In case of urgent, feel free to ask questions.